Decorative black and white photo of shadows of a small statue of people in a circle on concrete

A. Villa

Collaborating on the  Nuestras Historias CLRC’s archive Project has been one of greatest experiences of my undergraduate career.  As part of the Nuestras Historias’ team, I have learned archival methods, how to construct an online exhibit using the Omeka platform and how to create a webpage using WordPress.  Some of my favorite materials in CLRC archive were the Spanish language journals and magazines, such as Proceso and NACLA  and the photographs of CLRC events and URAP members.  The reason I enjoyed working with these materials was because I felt personally connected to the stories they told.  Through the journals and magazines I was able to recall some of the major political moments in Latin America and their impact on my family and me.  I also identified with the images of events and members of the URAP program, as these were individuals who were part of the CLRC’s intellectual community then as I am part of it today.

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