E. Adame

Working in the CLRC Nuestras Historias project helped me become a better researcher. As part of my work in the Nuestras Historias project, I cataloged VHS tapes into boxes that were then stored on shelves. This process was tedious and repetitive, but it taught me how to catalog and create an online finding aid. During the archiving process, I worked with the CLRC working paper series, a product of the CLRC research clusters and conferences that Dr. Olga Najera-Ramirez mentioned in her oral history. She described research clusters consisting of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students doing cross-discipline collaboration in order to help each other on their research projects. During the conferences, researchers produced a number of working papers that reflected the intellectual significance of the collaboration within these research conferences and the impact it can have for student researchers like myself. These conferences brought together researchers from around the world, in order to talk about a specific topic and collaboratively create a working paper to reflect their intellectual discussions. At the end of my time at the CLRC, I was able to learn skills that are required for constructing a research archive from the ground up like cataloging documents, storing them for preservation, oral history preparation, and collection. As a result, I am now better prepared to do historical/archival research for any future academic endeavors. 

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