E. Adame

Working in the CLRC Nuestras Historias project helped me become a better researcher. As part of my work in the Nuestras Historias project, I cataloged VHS tapes into boxes that were then stored on shelves. This process was tedious and repetitive, but it taught me how to catalog and create an online finding aid. During… Continue Reading E. Adame

V. Lovelace

Collaborating on the Nuestras Historias Project impacted how I understand my own story as a second-generation Mexican-American. I live in the borderlands (Anzaldúa 1987) and sorting through the stories about my cultural experiences gave me a renewed sense of self. Leafing through a small infinity of Chicano and Latino history that is the CLRC archive helped… Continue Reading V. Lovelace

C. Murillo

Taking part in the URAP this past academic year has been truly self-rewarding and inspiring both academically and intellectually. Collaborating on the Nuestras Historias project allowed me to demonstrate my highest potential as an undergraduate researcher. I completed assignments that I was afraid to practice on my own simply because I knew I lacked experience.… Continue Reading C. Murillo

Decorative black and white photo of shadows of a small statue of people in a circle on concrete

A. Villa

Collaborating on the  Nuestras Historias CLRC’s archive Project has been one of greatest experiences of my undergraduate career.  As part of the Nuestras Historias’ team, I have learned archival methods, how to construct an online exhibit using the Omeka platform and how to create a webpage using WordPress.  Some of my favorite materials in CLRC… Continue Reading A. Villa